The Basics of a Diet Built for Size

by Tim Henriques

If you want to gain weight, and mainly muscle, be sure to eat a lot of the following foods: whole milk, whole eggs, potatoes, and nuts. Everybody already knows about lean meats, so I don’t think I need to slap you with a ribeye to refresh your memory.

Drink whole milk… not skim or 1%. You need the fat for additional calories, and remember that fat helps create hormones, like Testosterone. Low fat diets (less than 20% of daily calories) promote lower Testosterone levels, and that’s not what anyone wants.

The same is true for whole eggs. The yolk is where you find about half of the protein, all of the vitamins and minerals, and all of the fat. Some of the fat in the yolk, especially in free-range, high-quality eggs, is the healthy stuff. Keep in mind, most studies show that the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t raise your blood cholesterol.

Potatoes, along with sweet potatoes, are an easy, cheap, and damn tasty source of quality carbs. I know they have a high glycemic index (GI), but I don’t care. They always give me long-lasting energy in the gym, and when combined with other proteins and fats, their GI is lower. As for nuts, these little packages of nature’s goodness are very dense in calories and nutrients. I try to eat one can of nuts a week when I want to gain weight.

If you stock up on all of those basic foods and watch the scale (it needs to be going up), you should be able to gain weight.


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