The Loonie Bin: Becoming One With Your Inner Saver

The Loonie Bin: Becoming One With Your Inner Saver

Becoming One With Your Inner Saver

My last post was a venting towards delusional saving and it seemed crazy that people needed to have money saved for them. What’s coming next, banks kidnapping loved ones and demanding a ransom only to return it to you in the form of an RRSP contribution? But it made me think about the times when I was younger and my money burned a hole in my pocket. It’s a lot harder to focus on the future when your twenty and think the good times will never end. I would spend my money of the most stupid things ever. I remember buying a toy lightsaber and NERF guns and my room mates and I would have huge battles that would repel women away for hundreds of miles. I ordered collector items off of Ebay that are now worthless, but I enjoyed spending my money on them.

I started becoming a saver when I moved to Edmonton. I slept on the floor of my sister’s apartment and started working for a new company. My car that got me to the city was about to die and I was pre approved for a car loan when I opened up my bank account. I was so happy that I got the loan and I didn’t even know what the interest rate was. I was very paranoid about losing my job and having to sell the new car and that’s when the pilot light of saving was lit. I started saving a few hundred dollars every month in a “just in case” fund. Over the months it started to grow until I had a few thousand dollars. I was like “Wow, were did this come from?” and I used that money as a buffer. I kept it in my account and never spent past that point. Soon there was another thousand left over and I made that my new buffer amount. Slowly but surely over the next year it grew and grew into what I like to call, a pile of money. It felt good seeing that big number in my bank account, always there, ready to bail me out when financial crisis struck. That’s when I knew I liked being a saver.

So why is it hard for people to save money? That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. I myself do not have anyone that can bail me out financial so my fear of going broke is one thing that drives me. Having a goal is a good way to start down the path to becoming a saver. Perhaps its a new house, a new car, saving for education. Right now I’m saving for a down payment on our new house. When I’m tempted to spend money on things I don’t need, I visualize the new house in my mind and think how wonderful it will be to move in. As I drive by the fast food places on my way home I decide what I want more; A nice new house, or a bigger gut. You might think that I’m a fool for not splurging on a fast food treat, but it’s a matter of discipline. Willpower is underestimated force, but once you hone your ability to use it, it’s a blessing when trying to reach your financial goals.

What do you do to become one with your inner saver?


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