The Loonie Bin: How are you saving?

The Loonie Bin: How are you saving?

How are you saving?

I’ve heard of it a long time ago. Scotia bank had a program that every time you used your debit card, it would round up the purchases and would transfer the extra money automatically to a savings account. Now I’m bombarded with ads saying you can do the same with credit card purchases and have some of your pay cheque saved for you. Now you can save without thinking about it. Well isn’t that nice, perhaps next time they can come over and cook me supper, or even perhaps wipe my butt BECAUSE I’M JUST THAT LAZY!

What’s wrong with people these days. Are we that ignorant that we need to trick ourselves to save? To the point we need the banks to hide it from us? A system that helps us save by the means of how we purchase. Good Lord, if we are that far gone, then there is no hope for us. We are slaves to the thrill of spending our money on $5 lattes and fancy smart phones that can play music, play video games, even watch videos on You Tube. You can even use it as a mobile cellular telephone…until it drops your call.

Am I the only person who feels a sense of pride after paying all my debts in a month and still have money left over because I’ve resisted buying a few things that I never needed, but really wanted? I know life is short, but you’re not going to attain absolute satisfaction with the purchase of the latest DVD or the newest techmo gizmo. Maybe that 1000th cup of Tim Hortons will be the most amazing cup of coffee ever! Ahhh…. nope its the same.

Perhaps I should start a new system for people to save money. The next time you use your debit card to buy that 15th pair of shoes, put your card away and walk out. You’ll save $200 right on the spot, all by yourself! Or the next time the Rolling Stones comes to town on their “This is our last retirement fund tour ever, honest”, put your credit card back in your wallet because their last show will be the same as the new show BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T RELEASED ANY NEW MUSIC FOR OVER 10 YEARS. Wow, you just saved $300! Instead of “Your richer then you think” , my slogan can be “Hey, your gonna thank me when you retire and there’s no CCP left”. It kind of just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Maybe this is what people need to save money. It’s hard maintaining a false sense of success these days, every little bit helps.


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