Faster Forward – AT&T or Verizon: who has the better data network? Well, it depends

Faster Forward – AT&T or Verizon: who has the better data network? Well, it depends

AT&T or Verizon: who has the better data network? Well, it depends

By Hayley Tsukayama
The analytics firm Metrico is the latest to weigh in on the fight to determine whether AT&T or Verizon has the better iPhone. Like many other tests, the findings indicate that each phone has its strengths and weaknesses.
In tests from Metrico, the firm found that the AT&T model downloaded twice as fast as its Verizon counterpart , but the mean load time for a Web page was about the same on both phones. AT&T also won the race when it came to completing download sessions while in a moving car, completing about 10 percent more of the tests when mobile.
When stationary, however, Verizon took the prize with — you guessed it — about a 10 percent better success rate. Other tests found that the Verizon iPhone ranked high in noise-canceling tests and about average on the quality of voice calls, but its data download speeds were below average when compared to other phones on its network. As for AT&T’s iPhone, its call performance and Bluetooth quality are below average, though it topped the list of data performers.

The disparity between the Verizon and AT&T download speeds are much greater than other tests have indicated, but the results are generally in line with the other speed tests already out there. WhenWired conducted speed tests in February, it found that AT&T iPhones were clear winners when it came to speed, but that Verizon was far more reliable.
Unsurprisingly, it also depends on where you live. Different regions of the country have different coverage issues. For example, AT&T is notorious for poor coverage in San Francisco but is great for most of D.C. Despite these disparities, local testers in Minnesota, Michigan andDenver have all found that there’s no clear winner in the fight. Generally, these tests have also held that Verizon is better when it comes to reliability, but AT&T wins the speed test.

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