TSX 60 Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Yield & Dividend Payout Ratio

TSX 60 Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Yield & Dividend Payout Ratio

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  • We are at the beginning of a new month (right after seeing the Greek busting our party yesterday!) so it is now time for the TSX 60 ex-dividend date, dividend yield and dividend payout ratio. In addition to provide the TSX chart, I wanted to add a few random thoughts on those Canadian dividend stocks:
Canadian Gold Stocks Might Follow Newmont (NEW) and its Dividend Strategy
While price of gold has been sky rocketing since 2008, we can tell the same thing about Canadian gold stocks. In order to be more attractive to investors, some companies (Eldorado Gold ELD is mentioned in several rumors) may follow their American competitor Newmont (NEW) in their dividend payout strategy. NEW as declared their dividend payout will follow the price of gold. Therefore, if the price of gold goes up and the stock doesn’t, at least you will have a reason to celebrate!
Better be part of the Top Canadian dividend stocks:
Top 5 dividend payers right now have returned : -2.70%
Bottom 5: -13,77%
Crazy but true
2 stocks in TSX do not pay dividends
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc (VRX)
Research in Motion (RIMM)
Valeant is the best performing stock in TSX60 (39.2%)
RIM is the worst (-63.54%)
and now my argument that dividend investing rules goes bust! haha!
Here’s the TSX60 ex-dividend date, dividend yield and payout ratio chart:

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