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‘Pure-Bred’ Dividend Challenger Dogs For 2013 – Seeking Alpha

‘Pure-Bred’ Dividend Challenger Dogs For 2013 – Seeking Alpha: Introduction

One of the most popular – albeit simplistic – approaches to stock screening is the well known “Dogs of the Dow” strategy that simply picks the 10 highest yielding stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the start of the year and holds them until the end of the year. Although it had already been around for decades, it was highlighted in the book Beating the Dow by Michael B. O’Higgins and John Downes in 1991 and even has its own web site at

2012 Dividend Challenger Dogs Retrospective – Seeking Alpha

2012 Dividend Challenger Dogs Retrospective – Seeking Alpha: A year ago, I published an article applying the “Dogs of the Dow” strategy to the Dividend Challengers, so it’s only natural that I present a recap of that strategy. The original article can be found here, so I won’t repeat the full text, but I said the following:

‘It seems only natural to apply this strategy to a listing of companies that have increased their dividends for many years. The logic is the same: The yields on depressed stocks will have been driven up, giving the investor a group of candidates that have not only rebound potential, but also a strong dividend that “pays them to wait.”

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