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19 Things I Like About Dividends – Seeking Alpha

19 Things I Like About Dividends – Seeking Alpha: When I wrote my first Top 40 eBook in 2008, I included a chapter entitled, “Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?” I discussed the pros and cons of dividend growth investing. On the “pro” side, I had 9 reasons to invest in dividend growth stocks.

A couple of weeks ago, I published the 2013 edition. My number of reasons to like dividend growth stocks has grown to 19. Here they are.

Rising Dividends: My Dividend Growth Portfolio 2012-2013 Report – Seeking Alpha

Rising Dividends: My Dividend Growth Portfolio 2012-2013 Report – Seeking Alpha: As many know, I maintain a public demonstration Dividend Growth Portfolio (DGP). I keep it out here in the open so that people can see how one person (me) executes a dividend growth strategy and what its results are.

When I first got started in investing many years ago, I was appalled at how predictions and recommendations were made, but with no follow-up at a later time to let you know how the predictions did

The Real False God Of Dividends – Seeking Alpha

The Real False God Of Dividends – Seeking Alpha: In a recent article, the author stated that he would “…expose dividends for what they really are: a false god.”

I’m not going to say that dividends are bad, but that they’re just not what many people believe them to be….Too many investors…believe that they’re actually making money through dividends. That’s not true….

The author defined his terms carefully:

[T]he following terms as I define them support my thesis that you don’t make money through a dividend….[I]f you really want your net worth to increase, then I think you have to agree to accept these terms.

Dividends Provide A Return Bonus – Seeking Alpha

c Provide A Return Bonus – Seeking Alpha: With all things being equal, dividend paying common stocks provide their shareholders a return bonus, or what some might like to call a kicker, over an equivalent common stock that pays no dividend. Many investors do not see it this way, as they tend to think of the dividend providing them their return. However, the stock market capitalizes earnings whether a company pays a dividend or not. Moreover, we contend that the market will value a given company’s earnings based on their past and future prospects for growth, again, regardless of whether a dividend is paid or not.
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