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Seven rarely mentioned requirements for happiness

by Mike Bundrant 

(NaturalNews) I put together the following list of requirements for happiness based on research as well as my experience as a counselor and coach.

1. Inner alignment

One of the best ways to be miserable is to live in conflict with you. Sometimes we conflict ourselves by trying to live opposing values. For example, some men try to be a family man and a playboy at the same time. Their values for family and their values for fun with women conflict heavily. The result is hypocrisy and misery all around.

Other people create inner conflict by trying to please too many people, all of whom want different things. Still others live out of alignment by through shear dishonesty. Regardless of how to get there, misalignment sends you in opposing directions, making happiness impossible.

A prerequisite to happiness is inner alignment and simplicity. You know your priorities and don’t spend time on other things.

2. A primal companion

A primal companion is a term I coined for your deepest friends and lovers, those whom you have allowed to get behind your defenses and public front. A primal companion knows who you really are and still loves you.

Often friends and lovers are not primal. They don’t know who you are because you hide yourself from them. This is fine for most common friendships, colleagues and acquaintances. If you are in a marriage with someone who doesn’t know how you really feel or think, then you cannot be happy in that relationship.

To be happy, everyone needs at least one primal companion in life – someone who knows you deeply and whom you can trust with your deepest thoughts and feelings. Of course, most studies that factor in long-term relationships cannot evaluate the quality or depth of the relationships. Still, research concludes that long-term relationships significantly increase happiness and decrease depression.

3. A true projection

My wife’s goal in life is to be the same person on the outside as she is on the inside. If she thinks or feels it, she expresses it. I have never seen her hide from anyone. Most people call her courageous, yet she takes it for granted. She says she is not willing to live with the anxiety that comes from putting out a false message.

When you project a false front, you automatically create anxiety by having something to hide, even if others have no idea that you are doing it. You still create the threat of being discovered in your own mind. Whether you project yourself as more or less than you actually are, you are hiding the truth, which is a pressure cooker.

This one boils down to honesty, which Americans don’t take all that seriously. Research suggests that the average American tells 11 lies per week. Interestingly, research also suggests that your health can be improved by discontinuing the stream of lies and half-truths that flow from most people’s mouths.

4. A clean diet

Of course we know toxic food creates bad health. It also creates mood disorders. Years of processed sugar alone will depress the immune system and create a physiological depression. There are even cross-cultural links between sugar and depression, with an established correlation between the prevalence of depression and sugar use across several cultures.

A totally clean diet is best: organic, non-GMO food, pure water, nothing processed or artificial, lots of raw stuff. However, if you need a place to start, eliminate processed sugar.

5. A realistic goal

I cannot remember the last time someone came to me for coaching and said, “I want to live an ordinary life. You know, I want to find more meaning in what I already have, rather than search for more. My goal is to be a typical person who enjoys life.”

People often pursue crazy, unrealistic goals and wonder why they are stressed and discouraged. Crazy, unrealistic goals create stress, pressure and anxiety until discouragement settles in and you give up. Have you ever done this?

Amazingly, happiness is available any time we look around, count our blessings and make the most of what we have. As soon as we begin to desire something beyond, we create dissatisfaction.

This is why I love setting goals that are just a few steps beyond where you are right now. It keeps a forward momentum and does not create dissatisfaction by comparison to what you have.

6. A view of others as people like you

Happy, well-adjusted people see others as similar to themselves. Over 30 years, the Arbinger Institute has created an impressive collection of stories that demonstrate people’s lives change the moment they begin to see others as people, too.

The concept is deceptively simple. As soon as you acknowledge that other people have wants, needs, desires and feelings that are as real to them as yours are to you, your life changes. You become more responsive, respectful and compassionate. Your perspective broadens and you begin to live in harmony with those around you. For most people, this is a massive paradigm shift.

7. An engaged mind

The happiness bottom line is the conscious use of your own mind. When you consciously engage your brain in any task, you automatically relax. In a real way, it doesn’t matter as much what you are engage in, as long as you are present and intentional in how you use your attention.

Try this: Listen to the sound of a fan, or the refrigerator. Tune in to some monotonous white noise. Do it consciously and intentionally. Just listen and do nothing else. After 10-20 seconds, you will feel yourself settle a bit inwardly. This relaxation is your brain’s response to conscious use, as opposed to autopilot use.

Your mind was designed for conscious use. It won’t be happy any other way.

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Six foods for a happy belly

by PF Louis 

(NaturalNews) What is a happy belly? Well, an unhappy belly will produce flatulence, bloating, nausea, cramps, and so called heartburn. You should be able to digest foods without any hassles, providing you don’t overeat. That’s a happy belly.

Considering that digestion begins in the mouth, it’s wise to chew your food thoroughly. In addition to reducing the food into smaller, easier to digest pieces, the saliva from chewing produces more digestive enzymes early in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

It’s also important to take your time and relax while eating. Rushed eating while stressed or hassled in any way will result in digestive stress that can create a very unhappy belly while depriving you of the food’s nutritional value.

Foods and beverages to help your belly’s happiness

As usual, organic food sources are the best choices. If you can purchase reliably clean raw milk for milk kefir, do so. Always use purified fluoride-free water.

Reverse osmosis is the best accessible system. Stations are available for filling containers in larger food markets. Make sure to re-mineralize with sea salt or some other mineral solution.

(1) Fermented foods provide probiotics that aid digestion and more. Having an intestinal flora microbial balance of 80 percent to 20 percent healthy bacteria to pathogenic bacteria is vital for even more than good digestion. It’s an important part of our immune system.

Without a well balanced intestinal flora stocked heavily with an abundance of healthy bacteria, Candida overgrowth is given a nice breeding ground. (

Fermented foods include sauerkraut, yogurt (unflavored and unsweetened) kimchi, miso, pickles, and tempeh or fermented soy, which is the only soy that’s consumable without digestive issues.

You can always add good honey or maple syrup to plain yogurts. Yes, you can make your own sauerkraut. (

If you can get a good sourdough bread baked with sprouted grains without using bromide, that’s good for making your belly happy too. Sourdough is fermented. Sprouted grains reduce gluten’s harmful effects. Bromides block the enzyme that helps your thyroid produce adequate hormones for metabolism.

(2) Probiotic beverages can be as potent as some probiotic supplements, and a lot cheaper. Kombucha is a popular item that offers the same probiotic potential as fermented foods. Even more powerful are water and milk kefirs. You need starter grains specific to either purified water or milk, best to find raw milk.

Then you can make your own. (

A woman who cured her really bad case of colitis with milk kefir showed this author how to make it. She didn’t even use raw milk, which is recommended. Here’s a good source for milk kefir starter grains with excellent instructions. (

There are also several DIY kefir YouTube videos online.

(3) Prebiotic foods are essential for helping the healthy bacteria from probiotics flourish. They don’t contain healthy probiotic bacteria, but they provide the food energy to help probiotics maintain a GI tract stronghold.

Bananas, berries, artichokes, garlic, honey, legumes (beans) and whole grains such as brown rice are good prebiotic food sources.

(4) Apple cider vinegar is regarded as an excellent digestive aid by many alternative practitioners and nutritionists, but not so much by MDs and mainstream dieticians.

Us an apple cider vinegar that has not been pasteurized or filtered for best results. Before each meal, one or two tablespoons downed in a half glass of water can be beneficial. Water with meals should be room temperature for optimum digestion.

(5) When your stomach becomes unhappy, stay away from the Tums and try something healthier. Ginger root is one such choice. Only a few dare chew on a ginger root. It’s usually converted into a tea by peeling the root and cutting it into thin slices.

Make enough thin slices to cover the bottom of a pan, fill the pan with good non-fluoridated water from reverse osmosis. Simmer for 30 minutes after boiling. It can be refrigerated for several days. Ginger has been known to remedy queasy or cramping stomachs, and it’s good for general inflammation as well.

(6)The king of natural GI tract and stomach disorders is Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice needs to be shopped wisely. The cheap adulterated ones with preservatives or pasteurized stuff won’t cut it. Get only pure, whole unpasteurized aloe vera juice. Yes it’s pricier, but worth it.

Stomach ulcer sufferers swear by it. There have been many, many reports of Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease sufferers curing themselves with aloe vera juice, as well as some experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

With a disease as intense as Celiac, Crohn’s or IBS, it takes several days to a few weeks of daily use to get results. (

Pure aloe vera juice has many, many other curative capabilities and health benefits. It has been clinically tested successfully on AIDS and cancer patients. (

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