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Refining the Triple Play Income Strategy – Seeking Alpha

I created the Triple Play Income Strategy a few months ago to help income-oriented investors zero in most effectively on the kinds of stocks that best suit their needs and risk tolerances. (Click here to see the introductory article.) This is not as simple as it sounds. Many assume that saying “I want income” amounts to a clear, unambiguous, statement that should point them or their financial advisers directly toward the right set of securities. That is absolutely not the case. Income investing involves a variety of valid but often contradictory considerations.
The Triple Play approach chooses 15 stocks for each of three separate income-oriented styles:
1. A Core Income Strategy
This is for investors who want a decent yield and as little bother as possible (preferably none at all) with other issues such as the safety of the payout, the risk of loss due to fundamental deterioration, the potential for dividend growth, or the need to supplement yield with good share price appreciation.

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