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Becton, Dickinson: A Healthy Dividend Growth Stock On Sale – Seeking Alpha

Becton, Dickinson: A Healthy Dividend Growth Stock On Sale – Seeking Alpha: One of the great long-term benefits that a recession brings is the opportunity to invest in extremely high-quality companies at low valuations. This is especially true of companies that have proven themselves as being highly recession-resistant on an operating basis. In other words, companies whose businesses remain strong even when economic times are difficult, as they have recently been.

We believe that Becton, Dickinson & Co. (BDX) represents an opportunity to invest in an extremely high-quality Standard & Poor’s Dividend Aristocrat and a David Fish Dividend Champion that has increased its dividend every year for 40 consecutive years. Classified as a healthcare equipment company, Becton Dickinson operates in three segments: BD Medical, representing approximately 51% of sales, BD Diagnostics, representing approximately 32% of sales, and the remainder from BD Biosciences. The following excerpt taken from their website summarizes Becton Dickinson:


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