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For Your Viewing Pleasure part2

4. Don’t forget to check out this weekend’s Good Reads post with over 50 articles from the past week. Between that one and this one, you should be set for a while.
Ok, that’s enough. Now for the real reason I made this post. I’ve got another great list of 20+ videos to share, so I’ll cut right to the chase. I nixed any of my own since it’s already over my pre-determined limit, but I have some new ones so be sure to subscribe to my page HERE to be in the loop.
Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
David Dellanave does Zercher squats with 315 lbs for 2 reps. Not only that, but he does it old school with no rack. I actually used to do these, so I can say from experience that David is strong as an ox. Awesome stuff, and bringing back an old school lift like this gives him serious style points in my book.
Neghar Fonooni puts a 260 lb sumo deadlift, over double bodyweight! This is a personal best for Neghar, but judging by the bar speed of the lift, it won’t be for long.
Marianne Kane shows a glute-focused workout. I’m a big fan of training the glutes, an clearly whatever she’s doing is working very well. Yikes!
Jason Ferruggia shows tuck front lever rows. I love inverted rows, but I’ve never tried these before so I’ll have to give them a rip shortly once I can get in that tuck position with my knee. –
Bret Contreras shows the gliding leg curl. This is an awesome hamstring exercise that I really like doing with suspension straps, but it also works well with the bar. Awesome stuff.
Jacobi Jordan squats 573 pounds at 21 years old. This kid’s got a strong future ahead of him, literally. Wow that’s impressive.
Eric Cressey shows the half kneeling 1 arm landmine press. I really like this one for a shoulder-friendly press that also works the core. It actually reminds me a lot of the reverse lunge/lumberjack press combo that I showed last month.
Smitty Diesel shows an innovative way to mimic floor presses without having to lie on the floor.
Brett Roy gets crazy at Defranco’s Gym. This guy is a FREAK athlete. This stuff is incredible.
Jim Laird deadlifts 315 pounds plus 360 pounds of chain. Yes, you read that right..360 pounds of chains. Holy moly. Strong work here.
Coach Dos shows multi-planar step ups. Give this a try for a new stimulus if you’ve been sticking to regular step-ups.
Danny Sawaya does 17 reps with a 32 kg kettlebell on the standing overhead press. This is really strong. Do this unilaterally and standing is a bear, but Danny makes it look incredibly easy.
Jen Grasso rocks some Bulgarian Split Squats with perfect form. This is tough with a barbell, by Jen makes it look like cake.
Elsbeth Vaino shows a good way to switch your arm placement with glute bridges to get more out of the exercise. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. I like putting the arms out wide like Elsbeth does, or even putting them on the stomach, which makes it a little harder by decreasing the base of support.
Chase Karnes does a 620 pound yoke walk. I have never done these, but I can only imagine how they must feel.
Mike Mahler shows his joint mobility routine. This is some really helpful stuff.
Zach Even Esh shares his home garage gym. This is freakin awesome for a garage and goes to show that you don’t need a ton of space and/or equipment to get after it.
John Meadows shows some cambered bar rows. This bar works great because it allows for an added range of motion. Great idea.
Kevin Carr shows a great stretch for the hip flexors. If you have a wedge, this one is awesome, but you can still do it almost as well without the wedge so don’t fret if you don’t have one.
Stevo Reed shows the tactical frog mobility drill. My groin hurts just watching this, which means I probably need to be doing it. When my knee heals up I’m going to try this out because I can already tell I’ll like it.
That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, I bid you adieu.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

Anyway, moving along, I put together another video compilation for you to kickstart the week with a bang. I said last week I’d limit these posts to 20, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t do it because there was just too much good stuff. I actually wanted to wait til midweek but the list was just getting too long. I guess that’s a good problem to have, right?
I decided again not to include any of my own videos, but I have uploaded a few new ones so be sure to check out and subscribe to my You Tube page for those.
Also, don’t forget to see this weekend’s Good Reads list. A lot of people probably missed it in the hustle and bustle of the weekend, but it’s got 65 articles of goodness to feed your mind. Between today’s post and that one, they should keep you busy all week.
Barstarrz gone wild. I can’t get enough of this stuff.
Sam Giguere gets after it. This is some really impressive stuff.
Donnell Boucher shows his guys at the Citadel doing a 3 man pull-up. This is freakin cool and the energy is just awesome!
Big boy pressing at Defranco’s Gym. Here 8 out of 12 guys bench press 315 plus 80 lbs of chain for between 1 and 5 reps. I’d say that’s pretty darn strong.
Brett Roy benches 315×13. Now that’s just crazy strength. Wow.
Marianne Kane crushes some deadlifts, dips, and weighted chins. Gotta love this.
Smitty Diesel gives two great tips for a bigger bench. Pay attention to these and put them to use.
Tony Gentilcore discusses box squats vs. squats to a box. Very good info here from Tony.
Max Shank shares his planche progress. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me.
Robert “Coach Dos” Remedios shows some great single leg squat progressions. If you are looking to work up to a full single leg squat, start here.
Michael Keck squats 510×3. Nice and deep on these with good solid form. Great stuff.
Bret Contreras hip thrusts 495 lbs for 3 reps. That’s a strong posterior chain right there.
Kellie Davis and Bret Contreras share a promo video for their Strong Curves training guide to come out this summer. I’m looking forward to this already.
Jake Pudenz squats 500. That’s an awesome milestone and this is a nice looking squat. Congrats!
Jen Grasso shows band single leg reverse hypers. I like the way this looks. This is actually really similar to what I showed a few weeks ago attaching ankle weights to the rear leg of a single leg RDL. I will have to try this one soon. Good stuff.
Keith Williams does a 54 inch reactive box jump. Talk about explosive!
Mike Mahler presses the 88 lb kettelbell for 15 reps. Very strong!
Graham Carpio does a brutal pushup finisher. This is some really impressive work done at the end of a workout, making it even harder.
Elsbeth Vaino shows various things you can with a single leg squat stand. I wrote a little bit about this piece here, and Elsbeth does a good job of showing it’s versatility.
Anthony Donskov talks about managing stress. Really interesting stuff here.
Shyam Soin shows a Pallof press/band walk combo. This is a cool variation off the Pallof press that introduces some hip stability work into the picture.
Hope you enjoyed the list. Please remember to pass it along! Also, which one was your favorite? Let me know below.
Have a great day!


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